Industry-leading training for health & fitness professionals

Calling all personal trainers, pilates instructors, physios, massage therapists, sports coaches, chiropractors, osteopaths…

…Want to strengthen your practical skills, stretch your thinking and expand your customer base?

As a health & fitness professional, you already have a wealth of knowledge. So you want CPD training that:

  • adds value,
  • makes you think in a different way,
  • delivers insight, strategies and solutions you can use to make a difference for your clients

But too many courses are lacking in substance and seem more about keeping you on the CPD treadmill rather than providing anything really new. Or, they present you with a load of facts, but leave you to figure out how to integrate them into what you already know and do.

This training is different.

The Douglas Method delivers excellent results for clients through its innovative approach to fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and pain reduction.

It addresses the fundamentals of how the body works, in a straight forward and plain speaking way. It’s not about some mythical “missing link” – rather about making sure all the links are present, working, and interacting correctly.

The DM Practitioner Training & CPD courses for health and fitness professionals reflect this innovative and systems-oriented approach.

The training is about providing you with a comprehensive and systematic understanding of how the body functions, what makes it function well, and what inhibits good function. This understanding can revolutionise how you work and what you can do for the real people who come to your business.

And it’s not just about information, although there’s plenty of that included.

It’s also about building your skills. It’s about how, when, and crucially, why to apply what you’ve learned. …What to look (and listen) for. And how to analyse both your clients’ issues, and, the interventions you have in your toolkit.

It’s about helping you actually develop professionally, not just giving you an info-dump that leaves you to figure out whether and how it applies to your clients.

Build Your Business – Build Your Reputation

Here are some of the things you’ll get from this course:

  • Discover the industry-leading ACE-ProtocolTM and how it can radically improve your practice and make you stand out in the crowded fitness marketplace
  • The single thing you can start doing today to improve outcomes for your clients (that is so often ignored by health & fitness professionals)
  • Find out how to design easy, bespoke exercise sets your clients will love (so they’ll actually do them, and get the results they want)
  • Learn which types of exercises work better for different client groups, and why – so you’ll be working safely and more effectively
  • The secret (but obvious once it’s pointed out) reason so many exercise regimes – even those prescribed by health professionals – do more harm than good, and what to do instead
  • Why talking to your clients is almost more important than anything else – and what specific things you are listening for
  • How simple, everyday objects can be used to enhance training – best practice for becoming more creative and effective with your interventions
  • Become more savvy about how to read, analyse and apply the latest research and avoid the most common mistakes people make when trying to work out what the study means for their specific client populations
  • Understand and apply cardinal exercise principles that will improve intrinsic capacity and function, and allow you to assess and remove physical movement limitations, for more clients, more often
The Douglas Method works – and Douglas Method Practitioners will be at the forefront of delivering health, fitness and well-being services that will benefit both their clients and their businesses.

Not yet sure about becoming a practitioner? Or maybe you just want a worthwhile short course? …We’ve thought of that!

Individual training modules are open to health and fitness professionals wanting master-class level Continuous Professional Development.

And if you’re considering becoming a Douglas Method Practitioner, you can attend one or more of the modules before deciding. (See below for more information about the extra benefits the Practitioner Course upgrade will give you.)

You can develop professionally, and widen the range of clients with whom you can work safely and successfully – meaning better results for your clients, and your business…

This course is rigorous. It’s not an easy, turn up and get your certificate kind of course. And I hope that you’re the kind of person who wants more than that from a training course.

Is this you?

  • You’re ready to step up: you’re already a personal trainer, gym instructor, Pilates or Yoga teacher, masseuse, or other health and fitness professional, and now you want to take your practice to the next level of excellence
  • you’re committed to developing professionally, but are less than impressed with many of the “Emperor’s New Courses” around right now (“hot yoga”, I’m looking at you) and are seeking CPD that is worth your time and effort.
  • You care deeply about your clients and you want to be able to help them resolve their under-lying issues, not just hand out cookie cutter modifications and move on
  • you want to develop your skills, and expand the populations you can work with successfully – and thereby build your business and reputation
  • you’re keen to find more effective ways of working and you keep an eye on the latest research, but it’s not always easy to translate that into what you actually do with clients, so you need professional development that is evidence-based, and, brings new practical skills


If this sounds like you, then The Douglas Method training is certainly something you should consider:

  • in order to become one of the elite group of Douglas Method Practitioners
  • to gain high quality, industry-leading continuous professional development

So how does it work?

The training consists of 7 modules, each lasting two days. Each module is stand-alone, but you will get more benefit by taking them in order. The first module “Core Strength and Spinal Stabilisation” is now available.

Module 1: Core Strength and Spinal Stabilisation
Module 2: Special Populations – Safety & Efficacy
Module 3: The ACE-ProtocolTM – Analysis/Correction: Upper Body
Module 4: The ACE-ProtocolTM – Analysis/Correction: Lower Body
Module 5: Getting to the Root Cause of the Issue
Module 6: The ACE-ProtocolTM – Education
Module 7: Integrated Practice

The Douglas Method Practioner Training and CPD for Health and Fitness Prfessionals.

At a glance: The Douglas Method Practioner Training and CPD for Health and Fitness Professionals.

CPD points for REPS members

Modules 1-5 are open to all health and fitness professionals with the appropriate pre-requisite qualifications (see below). Module 1 is endorsed by PD:Approval and accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and delivers 16 CPD points for registered members upon successful completion. Further modules will be accredited as they come on-line. TDM Skills Certificate will also be available. This involves:

  • full attendance on the two days
  • passing the module assessment criteria (see individual module info packs for specifics).

Modules 6 and 7 are exclusively for those aiming to become one of the elite Douglas Method Practitioners. The full training comes with some valuable extra benefits, see below.

In addition, there will be a further Master Pracitioner Training available – this involves hands-on treatments, and, incorporating these techniques into both a class situation or on a one to one basis. Please contact Susan Douglas directly for more details.

Upgrade Your Business by Upgrading to the Practitioner Training

In addition to the core training, registered* Douglas Method Practitioners will receive:

  • Mentor support from the Master Training Team of 4 phone/skype support sessions per year. (Value £240)
  • Listing on the TDM Register of Practitioners – we are constantly developing as a company and will promote you on our Website and Network.
  • Accredited Practitioner Logo which you can display on your website, flyers etc (Value £45)
  • Two Masterclasses per year, going into even more depth on specific topics, keeping you to date with the latest developments in the Douglas Method, and current research (Value £150)
  • Exclusive access to TDM Private Facebook Group where you can share ideas, research and best practice with other TDM Practitioners, plus get on-the-spot input from TDM Master Training Team
  • Your own Kinesthetic Feedback Tool (Value £25)
  • Re-do/refresh any of the Douglas Method core training modules at a 75% reduction (Current value £284 per repeated module)

Who is it for?

Experienced Instructors, masseuses, physios etc wishing to further their career in the health and fitness, therapeutic and medical sector as a specialist instructor. Other health professionals – e.g. Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists looking for industry-leading CPD.

The training is scheduled for Level 3 and above and therefore the following qualifications are pre-requisite:

  • Qualification in Level 3 or above within the fitness industry, Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, GP Referral or equivalent.
  • Qualified Massage Therapists of similar level (evidence of this is to be retained by the centre for verification purposes.)
  • Sports, Health, and Fitness Coaches in all disciplines with equivalent level of training


If you’re not sure whether your training is equivalent, please contact TDM to discuss – we welcome enquiries from all sectors.

Where is the training?

Training takes place in West Lothian, Scotland. Venues are accessible from public transport and parking is available.


Host a TDM Practitioner Training Course

Benefits of Hosting: By bringing TDM training into your facility, you’ll have the opportunity to provide a research-based, innovative, and systematic approach to your local colleagues. Reduced rates available for organisers. Please contact Susan Douglas for more details.

Fees and Ways to Pay

Each module can be attended and paid for individually, as stand-alone CPD courses.

PAYG Module by Module: includes
  • 2 days high-quality core training per module
  • Comprehensive Training Manual

Currently £379 per module

Transfer to the Practitioner path is straight-forward – all you have to do is let us know and move on to the Installment option shown below. Any payments already made for individual modules will be deducted from the overall cost.

The Practitioner benefits mentioned above are exclusively for those registered as a TDM Practitioner-in-Training.

Join the select group of TDM Practitioners. Upgrade your training and upgrade your business:


Pay by Installment

14 days high-quality training
Comprehensive Training Manuals
12mths Practitioner Registration*
Accredited Practitioner Logo*
2 Masterclasses per year*
4 x Mentoring Sessions per year*
TDM Private Facebook Group
Kinesthetic Feedback Tool
75% reduction on repeated modules

Total value at least £3,239
(without repeating any modules)

You pay: £2779

(in 3 installments: 1x£990 + 1x£990 + 1x£779)


Pay in Full

14 days high-quality training
Comprehensive Training Manuals
12mths Practitioner Registration*
Accredited Practitioner Logo*
2 Masterclasses per year*
4 x Mentoring Sessions per year*
TDM Private Facebook Group
Kinesthetic Feedback Tool
75% reduction on repeated modules

Total value at least £3,239
(without repeating any modules)

You pay £2,500


*(Registration as a Douglas Method Practitioner will be for a period of 12 months, renewed annually. In order to maintain high standards of practice, renewal/continuing accreditation will be based on an annual assessment of a recorded session and will guarantee continuing access to all of the DM Practitioner benefits. Current annual fee: £77 – the first year’s registration fee is included in the training fee. Once qualified, access to mentoring, masterclasses, listing on the Practitioner Register and permitted use of logo will be dependent on continuing accreditation.)

Module 1 – Core Strength and Spinal Stabilisation is now booking.

See more info here…

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